About Me

I am a high school teacher at Sullivan Heights Secondary in Surrey, British Columbia.  I have been teacher for more then 25 years in total, some in elementary schools, but mostly with the secondary schools.  Most of my career I have been a computer facilitator at the schools.  My position not only includes teaching as many students as I can to use and enjoy technology but also try to teach other teachers how to use technology as well.  I enjoy this task immensely.  

My present school has 4 labs of computers (two macs labs and two PC labs), 3 COWs (computers on wheels) and each classroom has a computer in the classroom as well.  The use of technology in some form is high in our school as well as our district.  Wireless networking has been set up in the high schools, and students are now able to add the personal computers to the network (as a limited guest).  So you can imagine our network and the repairs, maintenance and training for all this technology is quite a full load.  That's my position.

As a teacher I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Education, an undergraduate degree in implementing technology in education, and a Masters degree in Arts in Distance Learning.  I teach Grade 8 - 12 students Information Technology and teach the students straight Web 2.0 tools for usage by students in their other classrooms.  Students get rewarded for teaching other students or their other teachers these new tools.  Teachers are willing to use the tools with projects in classroom with my help and the help of students that know the programs.  The Grade 12 students create web sites for other teachers when learning web site designing.  All together, a lot of technology and programs are used in our school.


Nicole Painchaud