Procedure for Brainstorming Fishbone

    The fishbone diagram forces you to think along logical lines, in other words, to take an issue and think about it until you have thought about every single result that could happen.

    The process of thinking about something to the ‘nth’ degree can be helpful because it sorts out the relationship between cause and effect and helps all those involved understand that each action or event has a consequence i.e you look at the causes and they drive a certain event to happen. Fishbone diagrams are great when coupled with 5 why analysis.

    In the example I did with my students they needed to consider the advantages and disadvantages of only using the Internet for research, nothing else.  This assignment was conducted after teaching my students about the Internet and World Wide Web.  Students were introduced to the fact that no one polices the internet and some some sites are not only truthful, but also some are bias and they need to understand what information online is real and what is not true.

    This Fishbone was used as an introduction to the next unit (sequencing into the validity of the internet and validating it's data).  It covered a number of Bloom's taxonomy.  They needed to remember what sites there were shown at the start.  In pair shares they were to understand that not everything on the internet is valide, and they needed to analyze what positive aspects and negative aspects the use of only the internet for research would be (inductive thinking).  In groups they needed to analyze what would happen if they only used the internet for research (deductive thinking).  How is it similar to using a text book, and why is it better or worse then a book (critical thinking and comparisi).  There were many areas of inquiry that students discussed, both critical and deductive thinking.  In the end the groups discussed as a class what they thought were unique areas of thought.  

    What was most amazing, this entire episode lasted no more then 25 minutes.  A quick, reflective idea that had very positive results.