First blog

06/04/2010 00:50

My new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and I'll try to keep you informed or at least entertained. The idea is to share material, add some lesson plans, and many other things that may help other teachers. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

Spring Break and I'm still working?!!

05/04/2010 16:01
I sometimes wonder if I love teaching and learning too much?  Is there such a thing?  Here it is in BC a holiday (Easter Monday) and what am I doing?  I am creating a blog on Blogger just to see how different it is from WebPress?  Sort of doing a comparison but that means that I have to keep both going for a while.

And while I am doing this I am making notes, and setting up instructions on how to create a bog so that my students can create one for one of their projects.  Hitting two things with one stone. 

So, I could of gone to a movie, or watch TV or just read (and guess what - most are educational books) but instead what am I doing????  I'm playing with the computer because that's what I love.  Learning new things so I can teach my students.

So what's wrong with me?   I just I'm lucky.  I'm doing something that I love.