Spring Break and I'm still working?!!

05/04/2010 16:01
I sometimes wonder if I love teaching and learning too much?  Is there such a thing?  Here it is in BC a holiday (Easter Monday) and what am I doing?  I am creating a blog on Blogger just to see how different it is from WebPress?  Sort of doing a comparison but that means that I have to keep both going for a while.

And while I am doing this I am making notes, and setting up instructions on how to create a bog so that my students can create one for one of their projects.  Hitting two things with one stone. 

So, I could of gone to a movie, or watch TV or just read (and guess what - most are educational books) but instead what am I doing????  I'm playing with the computer because that's what I love.  Learning new things so I can teach my students.

So what's wrong with me?   I just I'm lucky.  I'm doing something that I love.