Student projects on Search Engines Comparison online

02/05/2010 13:16

 This search engine project was given to students to learn all about a search engine they selected to know.  One part of the project was for students to complete a comparison of their search engine to others they studied in my class (AltaVista and Google).  This is their results   - a graph to organize her compairisons.   

The most remarkable thing about these projects is that the students were showed the tool to make the Venn Diagrams only once, one week prior to this assignment.  They were NOT told to do the comparison for this project using the same tool.  More then half the class chose on their own to use the tool again.  This is evidence that being part of this group, learning as a teacher to implement these new graphic tools, does indeed have an affect on how the students' learn and opening up their choices of how they can learn.  An excellent achievement to see.