Six Traits of Writing

Writing Traits Rubric









Ideas & Content

@  main theme

@  supporting details


·   Exceptionally clear, focused, engaging with relevant, strong supporting detail


·   Clear, focused, interesting ideas with appropriate detail


·   Evident main idea with some support which may be general or limited


·   Main idea may be cloudy because supporting detail is too general or even off-topic

·   Purpose and main idea may be unclear and cluttered by irrelevant detail


·   Lacks central idea; development is minimal or non-existent



@  structure

@ introduction

@  conclusion




·   Effectively organized in logical and creative manner

·   Creative and engaging intro and conclusion


·   Strong order and structure

·   Inviting intro and satisfying closure



·   Organization is appropriate, but conventional

·   Attempt at introduction and conclusion


·   Attempts at organization; may be a “list” of events

·   Beginning and ending not developed


·   Lack of structure; disorganized and hard to follow

·   Missing or weak intro and conclusion

·   Lack of coherence; confusing

·   No identifiable introduction or conclusion



@ personality

@ sense of audience


·   Expressive, engaging, sincere

·   Strong sense of audience

·   Shows emotion: humour, honesty, suspense or life

·   Appropriate to audience and purpose

·  Writer behind the words comes through


·   Evident commitment to topic

·  Inconsistent or dull personality


·   Voice may be inappropriate or non-existent

·  Writing may seem mechanical


·   Writing tends to be flat or stiff

·  Little or no hint of writer behind words


·   Writing is lifeless

·  No hint of the writer


Word Choice

@ precision


@  imagery


·   Precise, carefully chosen

·  Strong, fresh, vivid images


·   Descriptive, broad range of words

·  Word choice energizes writing


·   Language is functional and appropriate

·  Descriptions may be overdone at times

·   Words may be correct but mundane

·  No attempt at deliberate choice


·   Monotonous, often repetitious, sometimes inappropriate


·   Limited range of words

·  Some vocabulary misused


Sentence Fluency

@ rhythm, flow



·   High degree of craftsmanship

·  Effective variation in sentence patterns


·   Easy flow and rhythm

·  Good variety in length and structure


·   Generally in control

·  Lack variety in length and structure


·   Some awkward constructions

·  Many similar patterns and beginnings


·   Often choppy

·  Monotonous sentence patterns

·  Frequent run-on sentences

·   Difficult to follow or read aloud

·  Disjointed, confusing, rambling



@age appropriate, spelling, caps, punctuation, grammar


·   Exceptionally strong control of standard conventions of writing


·   Strong control of conventions; errors are few and minor


·   Control of most writing conventions; occasional errors with high risks


·   Limited control of conventions; frequent errors do not interfere with understanding

·   Frequent significant errors may impede readability


·   Numerous errors distract the reader and make the text difficult to read